what the hell is happening to me?

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What would you miss without electricity? 

I would definitely miss fast food drive thrus. 

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Tyler & Dylan in Comic Con Press Room

Tyler & Dylan in Comic Con Press Room

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To the anon that just left me an ask: I am really really going to try and write you that drabble (which is why have kept the ask instead of replying to it already) because I kinda really wanna write it myself too.

But it won’t be today because I actually just collapsed on my bed to go to sleep because I am dead tired (almost didn’t sleep last night and early shift this morning) and I can’t even think straight right now (neither will Hoech when he sees those Dylan pics… Ba-da-bam-tsssh!) let alone write something coherent.

(And I am also writing two different fics already right now, but shhh, it’d just be a drabble)

So anyway. I’m gonna try, anon! When I’m more awake and have time. :) And don’t worry, leaving me prompts or suggestions is never rude! I love getting them. :)

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finduilasclln replied to your post: Yes it’s a gif.



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rulethevanderpumps replied to your post “Hi! I just started watching Arrow and I’m loving it so far. Do you know any cool Arrow blogs that I could follow? :D”

thanks!! I’m not up to that part yet but I’ll be sure to check out that blog :D

Great! Sorry I couldn’t be much more help, but like I said, I don’t really follow any Arrow blogs yet. :)

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anitasundays replied to your post “Can I be nosy? It’s about “487” I have one question for you, and quoting the Donkey from shrek: “are we there yet??” I can’t wait to read the fic, but right now I can’t deal with the stress of start something that isn’t finished. You have any idea when it will be finnished??? If this is too nosy, ignore it :)”

Don’t feel guilty, that was not my point, at all. I was just wondering … and i’m sure i’m gonna love it

Oh no, I know that. :) Thank you! 

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