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i watch for the plot. [part 21/∞ž]

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Are you sick and tired of sweaty and shirtless McBoxer yet ;)

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I had a job to do, I did it, that’s all.

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Just a casual strut from Steve…

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This is how a heart breaks.

#the sheer hearbreak #it’s written all over his face #it just screams love and heartache #and while it kills him inside #all steve wants is for danny to be ~happy #even if it’s not with him

 #can i just right now #steve is all about ohana right? he’s all about looking after his family looking after the people he cares about #but all he can see right now is that he doesn’t really have a place in danny’s ohana #the place he’d wanted to settle into is available anymore the people he loves don’t quite love him like he loves them #and rather than giving up and moving on or breaking down he just… keeps loving them. #because he loves them so damn much that he’d do anything to keep them - or keep them happy #and if that means that for the rest of his life he stands on the sidelines watching the people he loves love each other… #well then so be it. 

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